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  1. Increase Communication  – between the school and our community. Clear Communication builds trust and stronger relationships. 
  2. Increase Transparency among the district, teachers and caregivers. I see a need for transparent leadership to promote accountability to all stakeholders in the ACSD. 

Communication and Transparency go hand-in-hand. I plan to:

a. Maintaining Communications with the PTO’s, PTA and booster clubs across the district to make sure the information is reaching people who work closely with individual schools and families.

b. Put forth an initiative to revise the districts website

c. Advocate for improved email communications to families to ensure only emails relevant to their student/building reaches parent/guardians inbox.

d. Reviewing and rewrite the students handbooks to make sure the language of policies in handbook reflect that of the districts policies.

3. Increase Student Growth by Advocating for all students:

  • Focusing on their Social/Emotional Learning 
  • Equitable buildings  – Healthy Culture and Climate at all Buildings
  • Making sure all Students are ready for their desired path:  College/Community College – Career – their Community


1. I  am a regular attendee at the Ames School Board Meetings over the last 2 ½ years.  I have been putting in the work by showing up, understanding how policies come to the board, decisions are made and always speaking for students, staff, families and community.  – I AM READY TO SERVE

*Example: Last night(October 21), the district had a board work session on the board’s evaluation of goals  – open to the public, I was the only new candidate in attendance for the entire session it ended at approximately 9 p.m.

2. A collaborating member of the Equity committee in collaboration with the school board. I have the experience of working in a committee setting, gathering the data, asking the hard questions and submitting a report to the board. – I AM READY TO SERVE

3.Having served as PTO president at Sawyer for 4 yrs. Working with board members, staff, families and students, overseeing a balanced budget and being an engaged listener and communicator. – I AM READY TO SERVE

4. Being an engaged parent navigating the school system – I AM READY TO SERVE

5. A Family Ambassador at Sawyer for 3 years – I AM READY TO SERVE

6. Bachelors in Behavioral Science  with continued education courses in Education and Human Services  –I AM READY TO SERVE


This is the Ames Chamber link:

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