Platform and Issues

As a long time PTO president at Sawyer Elementary and a regular attendee at the ACSD board meetings, I have been uniquely positioned to see student and family needs in the Ames Community District. With a child in the district myself, I am aware of what parents want from their district as well. These experiences, along with my background in Behavioral Science, have helped inform the three core views of my platform: a candidate for the Ames School Board, this is my platform.

  1. Communication – I will work to continue improving the communication within the ACSD. Clear, concise, communication among students, parents, administration and the Ames community will build stronger relationships.
  • I will be that active listener to validate what parents and students are sharing both in concern and celebration.
  • I will work to help find means to ensure all families are aware of any new or updated curriculum that is being discussed and reviewed.
  • I will support policies and procedures which ensure growth and improvements in the overall communication. This means communication, not just at the district level, but at and within the every building level and from the building to families. There is a systemic disconnect that needs to be repaired.

2. Transparency – Transparent leadership promotes accountability to all stakeholders in the ACSD.

  • I will commit to being a transparent leader. I will work to ensure all relevant items, which will impact all students and families from the district, are shared out.
  • I will advocate for transparency with an understanding for all ACSD families on overall district enrollment, open enrollment, classroom sizes, and building capacities.
  • I will work to build open and honest discussion that will create a stronger community, stronger equitable education and a safe and connected experience for all students.

Growth – Advocating for all students and all students’ needs

  • I will commit to improving the social and emotional component for all students. Mental Health awareness and conversations need to be given priority to all students. I believe students who are understood socially and emotionally by a teacher will only enhance the academic learning.
  • I will advocate for CTE (Career Technical Education) with strong programs. This will give students who chose the CTE academic journey/path the opportunity to be given the best platform moving forward to a career or technical college.
  • I will ask questions to ensure equitable, best practices are in place for ALL students.
  • I will commit to having the ACSD facilities support learning for a 21st century for students and staff. Equitable buildings give the same opportunities to all students.
  • I will be engaged to learn more about the districts curriculum’s and help ensure all staff are given the proper resources. All Staff/Teachers need be validated and heard when speaking on any issue that affects the classroom and the outcome of our students’ education.
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