Campaign Summary

Accountability, Change and Educational Equity

 Amy Edwards 
Ames School Board

I am running for a seat on the Ames Community School Board to 

 ● Increase communication between the school and our community because I understand how clear and concise communication among students, parents, administration, and the Ames community helps build trust and strong relationships for a better tomorrow.

Increase transparency among the district, teachers, and caregivers because I have seen how the need for transparent leadership promotes accountability to all stakeholders in the ACSD.

Increase student growth by advocating for ALL student needs ((social/emotional/academic)

With my years of experience navigating the school system as a parent, president of the PTO, and in collaboration with the board, my hands-on experience in the ACSD and my BA in Behavioral Science uniquely positions me to work on solutions, policies and practices for the district. I am committed to advocate, listen, ask questions, understand the data and help make decisions that will reflect accountability, change and equity for the ACSD.

If you are willing to support my efforts to positively impact our district, I humbly ask for your vote on November 5, 2019.

Facebook: @amyforamesschoolboard

Instagram: @amyforames


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