My name is Amy Edwards and I am running for a Director at Large seat on the Ames School Board. I am a stay at home mom, who has been an active volunteer in the ACSD and at Sawyer Elementary. My husband Jode and I have one child. Our son will be starting fifth grade this fall. We have lived in Ames for 15 years. I received my BA in Behavioral Science from Mount Mary University located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and have taken additional classes in education and human services at Parkland College located in Champaign, Illinois. As a parent, member of the Sawyer PTO , former Sawyer PTO president (2015-2019), and Family Ambassador (2017- present), regular attendee at the Ames School Board meetings, I have prepared myself to embark on this next level of service and leadership.

I am running for an at large seat on the Ames School Board to continue in my commitment to advocate, listen, ask questions, understand the data and help make the best decisions for the ACSD students. I will increase communication, transparency and student growth via social/emotional learning, equitable culture and climate at every building and student readiness for college, career/trade and the community . I humble ask for your vote on November 5, 2019.

Thank you – Amy Edwards

What People Say

“Amy Edwards has spent a lot of her career striving to provide the best possible things for Sawyer’s students and their families. During Amy’s time as PTO president, she worked hard to make sure the kids were having fun at well planned events and that parents always knew what was happening and what to expect.”

Jamie Sass

“What I appreciate about Amy is how far-reaching her influence is into the Ames’ schools. She reaches beyond her role as Sawyer’s PTO president to collaborate with her PTO peers. Amy knows what’s going on all across the district at all different levels. She is my go-to when I have questions about what’s going on in Ames.”

Leslie Pease

I always admired how invested Amy is in Sawyer’s success and how invested she is in Ames Schools in general.

Jamie Sass

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